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Patron 2mL EOS Dispenser – 24pc Carton

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Perfect for individual sales – each Dispenser packed in an individual package.

Forget about ordinary plastic syringe for dispensing natural extracts, concentrates, oil, wax, paste or resin. The Patron Dispensers are the newest and most advanced cannabis oil dispensers on the market today. Patron Dispenser System was specially designed for dispensing substances with various viscosity levels. Its greatest features are:

  • precise dosing with 0.01 mL accuracy and a dosing scale
  • special nozzle for precise application
  • nozzle closing cover to prevent spillage
  • relief scale which prevents erasing when cleaning
  • made of safe, food grade, solvent resistant materials.

Affordable and easy to use. You can choose between Gold, Silver or Green piston colors.


Gold, Green, Silver

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